FACUNDO Golden Hour ‘Art of Rum’ Event at Ludlow House SoHo in NYC

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FACUNDO Rum Collection ‘Art of Rum’

New York – On Thursday March 16th, the FACUNDO Rum Collection hosted 70 guests on the third floor of the exclusive Ludlow House, SoHo location. The evening evoked a Golden Hour experience and celebrated the “Art of Rum,” capitalizing on moments of reward.

The intimate event was held in a room reminiscent of 1920’s Havana glamour, bedecked in velvet furniture, art-deco chandeliers and candlelight. Guests were greeted by two spokesmodels holding trays of FACUNDO signature cocktails, the NEO White Negroni and the EXIMO Old Fashioned.

FACUNDO Rum Collection ‘Art of Rum’

At the main bar, guests sipped on the two signature FACUNDO cocktails, and at the second FACUNDO branded bar, the four variants were served neat or on the rocks. Ludlow House’s Chef paired hand-selected hors d’oeurves to each of the expressions, enhancing the flavor profiles of the rums. Overwhelmingly, guests favored FACUNDO PARAISO, served neat in snifters, which is aged up to 23 years in white oak barrels.

David Cid, BACARDÍ Brand Specialist

BACARDÍ Brand Specialist, David Cid, recounted the rich history of the Bacardi family and their dedication to the art of rum-making to the attentive audience. He provided an overview of the FACUNDO Rum Collection as a whole, as well as imparted notes on each expression individually. Guests engaged in an animated dialogue with David Cid, inquiring about the aging process of the FACUNDO Rum Collection and where it can be purchased in New York City.


FACUNDO Rum Collection ‘Art of Rum’


EXIMO Old Fashioned
.25 part honey syrup
4 drops of Burlesque Bitters
Orange peel garnish
Ice Sphere
Method: Stirred.

NEO White Negroni
1 part Cocchi White Americano
Dash of White Maraschino
Lemon twist
Method: Garnish with a twist of lemon.


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