Aussie Craft Beer is Finally Here!

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With interesting and unique notes of flavor that are well known across the range of carefully crafted beers from Australian Brewery, now has never been a better time for the American Craft Beer Scene. New to the United States market, the Iconic Aussie Craft Beer producers at the multi-award winning Australian Brewery are bringing a taste of Aussie culture and international flavors to American beer drinkers who are yearning for a quality and well crafted brew.

Australian Brewery is releasing three different styles of their signature canned craft beer to the US; The Saison Ale, New World Pilsner and the Pale Ale. Each of these beers introduce a signature Aussie style of beer that will have you saying “Crikey, that’s a good drop.”

The Saison D’Heretique, by Australian Breweries is best described as a delicate light beer featuring French and Belgian yeast with a balanced flavor. Introduced to your senses is a hint of white pepper, a touch of clove, and a subtle but smooth citrusy shot to the palate. For fans of Belgian style brews, the smooth and silky Saison D’Heretique is sure to be an instant favorite.

The Australian style Pale Ale is best described as a cloudy pale beer exuding rich aromas of passionfruit and a citrusy base. With a refreshing and flavor filled hit to your taste buds, this crisp pacific style pale ale is refreshing and full of flavor. The use of Australian style galaxy hops creates a tropically flavored beer that will quench your thirst and leave you with those summer feels.

Last but certainly not least, Australian Brewery’s New World Pilsner has a German feel with an Aussie spin. Taking the palest of Australian malts and combining them with powerful perfumed new world hops, Australian Brewery has produced a Pilsner that is simply refreshing. With crisp and bitter characteristics, the New World Pilsner will leave you wanting more long after that last drop strikes your palate.

With no additives or preservatives, the kings of the Southern Hemisphere craft beer movement at Australian Brewery are sure to please beer consumers and their need for a quality, well made drop of golden bliss. From their purpose built brewery in Sydney, Australia, and with three quality craft beers to choose from, Australian Brewery produces fine tasting, crisp and refreshing brews for both the seasoned beer connoisseur and occasional beer drinkers alike.

Ask for a six pack of Australian Brewery’s Saison D’Heretique, Pale Ale and New World Pilsner at craft liquor stores or a fresh pint on tap at craft beer establishments across the US.

Price Guide: $13-$16 Per 6 Pack


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