Leprechauns Like Vodka, Too!

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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner – and if you’re not feelin’ whiskey or Irish beer, have no fear: SVEDKA Vodka is here. We have some festive cocktails that use fresh ingredients that turn these great vodka cocktails as emerald green as an Irish lass’ eye.



SVEDKA’s Bickering Banshee

SVEDKA’s Bickering Banshee

1½ parts SVEDKA Mango Pineapple
½ part green pepper puree*
½ part fresh lime juice
½ part simple syrup
2 pieces muddled cucumber

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with a slice of green pepper.
*Green Pepper Puree instructions: Cut and de-seed a green pepper, juice with a macerating juicer.


SVEDKA’S Irish Snake Chaser

SVEDKA’s Irish Snake Chaser

2 parts SVEDKA Cucumber Lime
¾ part fresh lime juice
½ part agave nectar
¼ avocado (peeled)
1 pinch cilantro leaves
1 pinch Kosher salt

Combine ingredients in a blender, adding ½ cup crushed ice last. Blend at high speed and pour into a rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wheel and cilantro.


SVEDKA’S Emerald on the Rocks

SVEDKA’s Emerald on the Rocks

2 parts SVEDKA Vodka
¾ part fresh lime juice
¾ part simple syrup
4 mint sprigs
Edible glitter

Muddle mint at bottom of Pilsner glass and build drink on top over crushed ice (except for bitters, glitter, and mint). Agitate with a spoon (or swizzle), not disturbing the mint at the bottom. Top with ice, rim with green/white glitter. Garnish with mint.


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