Fooq’s Introduces NEW Grower Champagne Menu in Miami

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FOOQ’s Grower Champagne Menu

Miami, FL – Fooq’s, the charmingly intimate bistro in Downtown Miami, is now adding a polished menu of premiere Grower Champagnes to its lineup of cultured eats and savory sips. Curated by owner and seasoned sommelier David Foulquier, the new Champagne program features a variety of premium selections to top Miami’s Grower Champagne scene.

A true gem to the area, Fooq’s carefully cultivated Grower Champagne list is unlike any traditional Champagne menu found in Miami. Stemming from Fooq’s mission to source the freshest produce, fish and meat from local producers, the eclectic eatery champions the same quality and care through its Grower Champagne program. The list of premium bubbles features harvests from the world’s best craft producers, growing natural grapes on-site and blending wine in-house to ultimately coin the term “Grower Champagne.”

Fooq’s Champagne program serves over 25 different labels from over 20 harvesters. Imported outside of the state of Florida and allocated to a select group of accounts, Fooq’s is home to the world’s most precious harvests. Notable labels include Jacques Selosse, the Initial and the Rosé, as well as Bérèche et Fils, another rare producer to the area. The menu also features bubbles from Paul Déthune, Gaston Chiquet, Pierre Péters, Paul Bara, René Geoffroy, and Chartogne-Taillet, just to name a few.

With a mix of Persian, French and Mediterranean flavors, Fooq’s fuses delectable dishes and the perfect wine pairing to create a cultured dining experience. According to Foulquier, “The beauty in Champagne lies in its high acid content, strong fruit character and slight carbonation, that allow the wine to be drank and paired with nearly all flavors, textures, and dishes.” Thoughtfully and carefully crafted to showcase the most premium bubbles, the premiere Champagne pairings please the delights of seasoned and aspiring connoisseurs alike.

Fooq’s Introduces NEW Grower Champagne Menu in Miami
Fooq’s Introduces NEW Grower Champagne Menu in Miami
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