Step Up Your Drink’s Garnish Game for Game Day!

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Sunday Funday Bloody Mary

As football season comes to a close, there is one more day to perfect the ultimate game day recipe and your touchdown celebration. Give your guests a variety of fun additions to customize their cocktail as they wish, whether it’s kicking the flavor up for an extra point or adding a slider or crab claw so you don’t have to leave the couch for a bite.

Go get ready for kickoff, and create a game-winning Bloody Mary before guests arrive and the commercials begin.



Sunday Funday Bloody Mary

Sunday Funday Bloody Mary

1 part Pinnacle® Original Vodka
2 parts Tomato Juice
1 dash Hot Sauce
1 dash Horseradish
1 dash Worcestershire sauce

Preparation: Shake, then add celery and other fun toppings.


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