FACUNDO Rum Collection ‘Art of Rum’ Celebration at The Soho Beach House in Miami

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FACUNDO Rum Master David Cid

Miami, FL – On Tuesday evening, the FACUNDO Rum Collection celebrated the ‘Art of Rum’ at The Soho Beach House in Miami, Florida.

The FACUNDO Rum Collection hosted the private membership club in the club’s Library, where guests were greeted by two FACUNDO spokesmodels holding trays of signature cocktails – the EXIMO Old Fashioned and NEO White Negroni.

At the beautiful main FACUNDO-branded bar, guests were offered a tasting of each of the four FACUNDO expressions, neat or on the rocks, as they mingled and engaged with FACUNDO Brand Master, David Cid. He toasted to the evening and gave a speech educating guests on the complexities of the FACUNDO Rum Collection marques and the brand’s history. Additionally, David Cid discussed the evening’s passed canape pairings with the FACUNDO rum expressions.

FACUNDO Rum Master David Cid

To note, FACUNDO NEO sheer blonde rum paired well with a tuna, crème, and tamarind mini tostada, while FACUNDO EXIMO, a medium- to heavy-bodied rum aged 10 to 12 years, was paired with seared scallops atop a cauliflower and vanilla puree and walnut vinaigrette. FACUNDO EXQUISITO paired perfectly with a squash, sage, and fontina cheese risotto, and finally, FACUNDO PARAISO, a dark rum aged up to 23 years, was paired with an almond, truffle, and truffle honey ricotta crostini. The canapes culminated with a mini chocolate delizia and mini pecan pie as a sweet ending.

FACUNDO Rum Collection

At the end of the evening, David Cid thanked guests for attending and for enjoying the FACUNDO Rum Collection ‘Art of Rum’ experience.


EXIMO Old Fashioned

EXIMO Old Fashioned

.25 part honey syrup
4 drops of Burlesque Bitters
Orange peel garnish
Ice Sphere
Method: Stirred


NEO White Negroni

NEO White Negroni

2 parts FACUNDO NEO Rum
1 part Cocchi White Americano
Dash of White Maraschino
Lemon twist
Method: Garnish with a twist of lemon


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