Refreshing and Seasonal Cocktails Courtesy of THE COCKTAIL PROJECT

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With the winter holidays and New Year’s just around the corner, we wanted to share with you some delicious and refreshing seasonal cocktails courtesy of The Cocktail Project, an online cocktail resource offering more than 500 cocktail recipes for any season, occasion or taste profile.

In addition to seasonal recipes, the site also offers tips and tricks to improve your bartending skills, complete with how-to demonstrations, ingredient lists, and more.


For An Upcoming Holiday Party, Try:

Y​uzu Toddy

Yuzu Toddy

​1​ part​ Maker’s Mark® Bourbon
2 heaping bar spoons Yuzu Honey
​3/4​ part Laird’s Applejack Brandy
​1/2​ part Yuzu Juice
5​ parts​ Hot Water

​Method: Mix honey and hot water in a cocktail glass until honey melts. Then, add Maker’s Mark® Bourbon, brandy, and Yuzu juice.


For A Cozy Night By The Fire, Try:

Bourbon Milk Punch

Bourbon Milk Punch

2​ parts​ Maker’s Mark® 46
1​ part​ Whole milk
​1/2 ​part Half and half
1 ​part​ 1:1 Simple Syrup
2 drops of vanilla extract
2 lemon peels
Method: Combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake well. Double strain over ice in a rocks glass and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg and cinnamon.


For A New Year’s Toast, Try:

Midori® Sparkle

Midori Sparkle

3​ parts​ Champagne
​3/4​ part Fresh Grapefruit Juice
​1/2 part​ Midori® Melon Liqueur

Method: In a champagne flute, combine champagne ​and grapefruit juice​. Top with Midori float​ and enjoy!


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