Get Festive with RUTTE GIN – Holiday Cocktails for the At-Home Bartender

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With the holidays around the corner, check out some creative, delicious, and Instaworthy Rutte Gin cocktails to make at home. They are perfect for a large holiday party, a small dinner, or before a night out with friends, and sure to impress your guests.





1 1/2 pts. Rutte Dry Gin

1/2 pt. Three berry liqueur mix, infused with Anise

3/4 pt. lemon juice

Add all ingredients as well as one of each berry shake vigorously.

Strain into chilled coupette garnish with candied berries.

**Three berry liqueur: add in equal parts of Strawberry liqueur, Raspberry Liqueur and Blackberry Liqueur (we recommend Giffard) then stew anise stars with the liqueur mix for 24 hours.


Winter Breeze

Winter Breeze

1 1/2 pts. Rutte Celery Gin

1 pt. white cranberry juice

1 pt. grapefruit juice

1/4 pt. rosemary syrup

Shake and strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with cranberries and rosemary sprig.


Home and Hearth

Home & Hearth

1 1/2 pts. Rutte Dry Gin

3/4 pt. Port or PX sherry

1 1/2 pt. cream

1 whole egg

pinch of nutmeg

Shake all ingredients vigorously and strain into wine glass. Garnish with chocolate powder and star anise.


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