With These SMIRNOFF VODKA Cocktails, You’re Guaranteed the Title of Friendsgiving MVP!


As we approach the holiday season, there’s one day we’re all looking forward to the most – A stress-free day dedicated to food, fun and friends – Friendsgiving.

Instead of stressing over which turkey cakepop to re-create (#PinterestFail) or pretending you made that pie “from scratch,” be the real Friendsgiving MVP and bring along ingredients to craft some tasty cocktails!

Check out a few SMIRNOFF Vodka cocktails that are perfect for Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving and feature your favorite fall ingredients!



4 Fabulous Friendsgiving Cocktails

For every member of your holiday crew.

For the cocktail minimalist…
No need to stock up on fancy ingredients — The Original Moscow Mule is perfected with only three, making it the perfect cocktail to bring to holiday gatherings.

The Original Moscow Mule

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 19: SMIRNOFF brings it back to the 1940s with an experiential dinner to tell the story of its invention of the iconic cocktail, the Moscow Mule, on October 19, 2016 at Mack Sennett Studios in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for SMIRNOFF)
The Original Moscow Mule

– 1.5 oz SMIRNOFF No. 21 vodka
– 4 oz premium ginger beer
– Fresh lime
In a copper mug with ice, add SMIRNOFF No. 21 vodka, ginger beer and a squeeze of lime and stir. Garnish with a fresh lime slice.


For the whole squad…
The Cranberry Apple Rosemary Sangria is perfect for group settings – whether it’s time for brunch, watching football, or enjoying a slice (or three) of apple pie.

Cranberry Apple Rosemary Sangria (Serves 16)
(courtesy of Megan Marlowe,Strawberry Blondie Kitchen)

Cranberry Apple
Cranberry Apple Rosemary Sangria

Cinnamon Rosemary Simple Syrup
– 1 cup sugar
– 1 cup water
– 2-3 sprigs rosemary
– 2 cinnamon sticks

Cranberry Apple Rosemary Sangria
– 3 apples, diced
– 2 pears, diced
– 1 lemon, thinly sliced
– 1 orange, thinly sliced
– 1 cup SMIRNOFF Sourced Cranberry Apple
– 1/2 cup triple sec
– 2 bottles of white wine
– 1 cup Cinnamon Rosemary Simple Syrup
– 32 oz club soda

Cinnamon Rosemary Simple Syrup
In a small pot, bring water and sugar to a boil. Drop in rosemary and cinnamon sticks and stir until sugar dissolves. Allow to cool completely.
Cranberry Apple Rosemary Sangria
In a large pitcher, place fruit into the bottom. Top with SMIRNOFF Sourced Cranberry Apple, triple sec, wine and simple syrup. Stir to combine. Refrigerate for 6 hours up to overnight. Garnish with a cinnamon stick, rosemary spring and/or frozen fruit.


For those who prefer to drink their dessert…
The Apple Cider Mule is full of all your favorite fall ingredients. Out with the apple pie, in with the apple cocktail!

The Apple Cider Mule
(courtesy of Kendra Darr, Simply Darrling)

Apple Cider Mule
Apple Cider Mule

– 1.5 oz SMIRNOFF No. 21 vodka
– 3 oz premium ginger beer
– 2 oz Apple Cider
– Splash Simple Syrup
– Apple Slice & Caramel Sauce for Garnish
In a cocktail shaker, combine the SMIRNOFF Vodka, Ginger Beer, Apple Cider, and Simple Syrup and shake. Then rim a copper mug with caramel sauce. Pour cocktail over ice into the copper mug and garnish with an Apple Slice.


For those who love the HEAT…
The Spicy Moscow Mule is a kicked up version of the original, incorporating serrano peppers and fresh mint sprigs for a surprising twist.

Spicy Moscow Mule
(courtesy of Annette Vartanian, A Vintage Splendor)

Spicy Moscow Mule
Spicy Moscow Mule

– 1 thinly sliced serrano pepper
– 2 tablespoons lime juice
– 1.5 oz SMIRNOFF No. 21 vodka
– 1 cup premium ginger beer
– 2 lime wheels or wedges for garnish
– 2 fresh mint sprigs for garnish
Put copper mugs in freezer for 5 minutes to chill. Squeeze lime juice and drop in 1-2 serrano pepper slices in copper mug. Use the back of a wooden spoon to muddle together the serrano slices and lime juice. Pour in vodka and stir. Fill copper mug with ice and top off ginger beer. Serve with additional serrano slices lime wedge, and mint sprig for garnish.


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