SBE to Debut it’s Newest Addition to Hollywood Nightlife: NIGHTINGALE PLAZA

Nightingale Plaza by SBE
Nightingale Plaza by SBE

Los Angeles (Sept. 28, 2016) – This October, sbe will debut their latest vision for nightlife, Nightingale Plaza. Formerly home to Greystone Manor, the property is poised to be the next step for elite Hollywood, where refined elegance meets tastefully crafted technology. This high-energy concept will provide the world-class luxury sbe patrons have come to expect, elevated by cutting edge technology and entertainment programming.

We’ve distilled the best of our past nightclub successes and added a new and dynamic layer,” says Sam Nazarian, sbe founder, Chairman and CEO. “We are dedicated to bringing only the best in service, design and entertainment, and we look forward to introducing another leading luxury lifestyle destination with Nightingale Plaza.

In the spirit of its celebrated predecessor, the name Nightingale Plaza pays homage to the venue’s native neighborhood. Nightingale Drive is a small road tucked away in the Bird Streets of Beverly Hills. This hidden patch of LA may not be familiar to the masses, but over the years its spectacular homes have played host to many fabled after-parties. The venue strives to preserve a connection with this storied past, even as it is set to define the future.

Nightingale Plaza will bring you the comfort of the familiar along with the excitement of the unexpected. We look forward to providing our superior service, signature sound and a beautiful design we’re extremely proud of,” says Costas Charalambous, President of sbe Nightlife. “This foundation will meet an unparalleled technical and creative program that we’re confident will firmly set the venue apart from any other location.

sbe enlisted renowned architectural and design firm The Rockwell Group to consummate this next chapter in nightlife. Their 6,500-square-foot design for Nightingale Plaza is rooted in a modern reimagining of the classic European courtyard. Upon arrival, guests will enter the venue through three circular, terraced chambers. Once inside, patrons can dance, dine or lounge in four distinct environments: the main club room, an intimate porch bar, a VIP back bar and a plush outdoor garden oasis. Each of these spaces will cater to differing social experiences. Flush with state-of-the-art technology and lighting, the main room will be the driving nucleus of energy, while the lounge and bar areas will offer an alluring backdrop of exotic foliage and magical surrealism. A wide array of custom libations and premium VIP bottle service will be available throughout the venue.



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