CORONA EXTRA & KLINK Offer Beachgoers the First-Ever On-Demand Beach Beer Delivery Service

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This summer is one of the hottest on record, and with the trend of on-demand delivery service hotter than ever, Corona Extra, the official beer of summer and the nation’s #1 import, and on-demand alcohol delivery service, Klink, will offer the first-ever on-demand delivery of beachside brews to individuals at Archibald Beach Park in Madeira, FL on Saturday, August 27 from 11AM – 5PM.

For one day only, Corona and Klink will help consumers literally “find their beach” by providing the opportunity to order cans of Corona for delivery to their oceanfront location.

To participate, beachgoers simply need to download the Klink app and place their order for ice cold beer. Once an order is placed, Corona will be delivered via a dinghy to the designated drop location on the beach.


Enable location and download the Klink app and order product through the virtual Klink storefront; the geo-specific locator will identify each participant’s location, and orders will be quickly delivered via boat to a designated beachfront drop zone, complete with fresh limes, Corona swag and all the makings for a fun and carefree day at the beach.



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