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Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen
Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen

Just recently, Tipsy Diaries hit up the Riviera Maya in Mexico for some rest, relaxation, and it goes without saying, some tipsyness.

The coastal resort town of Playa del Carmen was on my list, with it’s white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, & laid-back vibe.

We all know Cancun for it’s party, party, party atmosphere, but if you’re looking for that quiet vacation getaway, look no further than Playa del Carmen.

To launch ‘The Tipsy Takeover’ (Tipsy Diaries takes over a bar and gets real tipsy and tries the best cocktails on the menu), I was invited into the newly opened GRAND HYATT PLAYA DEL CARMEN to try a variety of the cocktails at THE GRILL at 1-26 RESTAURANT.

Their cocktail game is ON-POINT! Craft cocktails with fresh ingredients, and even their very own craft beer. It was perfect.

Overlooking the pool and the Caribbean Sea, tipsy with a view was in full effect.



This was the most important person of the hour. Miguel Angel Rios, the master mixologist. He killed it!

I went from tequila to bourbon to more tequila, to some craft beer, and then to some vodka. Miguel even mixed me up a specialty cocktail to my liking.

Miguel Angel Rios, mixologist

The first taste of tipsy that I was exposed to at The Grill at 1-26 Restaurant was the ‘Tequila Marmalade Sour.’ This looker is made with Tequila Don Julio Blanco, toronja fresca, lemon juice, HOMEMADE marmalade, & agave syrup.

Wow. My favorite drink of the day. So flavorful!

Tequila Marmalade Sour
Tequila Marmalade Sour


Next up was the ‘Bourbontini,‘ made with Bourbon Makers Mark, Lemon, Fresh Orange Juice, & Jamaican concentrate.


Mmmm mmm mmm! What-a-start. At this point, I wanted to take Miguel back to Los Angeles with me so I, I mean WE, could get tipsy off of these tasty cocktails. I always need a drinking buddy.


Next up was ‘The 1-26 Margarita,’ made with Tequila Don Julio 70, Cointreau, Orange Bitters, Yucatan Lime, & Agave Syrup.

The 1 26 Margarita
The 1 26 Margarita


I then decided to take a break from the spirits and indulge in some craft beer that originated straight from Riviera Maya. Cerveza Pescadores is an organic, premium beer, locally made. I’m not a big beer drinker, but I loved it!. Hmmm…maybe tropical beer is more my thing? Refreshing.

It comes in Amber Ale, Blonde Ale, & Pale Ale Mexicana.

Cerveza Pescadores


After 4 cocktails and some craft beer, I was done!  Miguel really impressed my tastebuds with his specialty cocktails.

4 weeks later and I’m craving more of that Tequila Marmalade Sour…and those turquoise beaches…and those views from the bar…

After ‘the takeover,’ it was time for the beach. It was perfect. Located right on Playa Marmitas Beach, I hit the sand, with no more drinks in my hand, and called it a day.

I HIGHLY recommend visiting The Grill at 1-26 at GRAND HYATT Playa del Carmen. As previously mentioned, it is located right on Playa Marmitas Beach and only a 5 minute walk to the trendy stores & restaurants on La Quinta Avenida.

In addition to their specialty cocktails, The Grill at 1-26 also offers fresh dishes, signature steak selections, and some of the best seafood that Playa del Carmen has to offer.

Until our next Tipsy Takeover…


The Tipsy Takeover at The Grill at 1-26 at GRAND HYATT Playa Del Carmen





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