MOET HENNESSY Toasts to First Zero-Fuel Airplane with Solar Impulse

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MOET HENNESSY Celebrates Sustainability

“Celebrating Sustainability”

Its support of Solar Impulse as an Official Partner shows Moët Hennessy’s taste for pushing the envelope and conquering new territories, as well as recognizing the role of excellence and innovation as two key drivers of progress worldwide.

Growth in the Moët Hennessy group and its 22 prestigious brands has been powered by their pioneering spirit and the conquest of new territories. The first consignment of champagne was dispatched to Russia in 1780 by Veuve Clicquot. Hennessy began exporting cognac to the United States in 1787, two years before the French Revolution, followed by China in 1859. Today, Moët Hennessy exports 95% of its production and is the world’s leading producer and exporter of luxury wines and spirits.

Supporting Solar Impulse also means celebrating a leap towards a better world. Moët Hennessy wants to raise awareness of the vast potential of renewable energy sources. Moët Hennessy, which derives all its products from the earth, has a proactive environmental policy based on seven key elements: sustainable agriculture, energy, water and effluents, waste and recycling, ecological design, a green supply chain and choosing responsible providers.

Moët Hennessy’s California wineries Domaine Chandon and Newton Vineyards exemplify its commitment to sustainability. Both estates adopted a new environmental policy for managing their vineyards and obtained Napa Green Winery certification with a focus on the Napa Green Certified Land Program. The program is designed to protect watersheds in Northern California and habitats through sustainable farming practices, ecosystem protection, soil restoration projects, and measures to combat erosion as well as energy savings and waste reduction.

The Solar Impulse project is directly in line with the importance that Moët Hennessy gives to sustainable development (“celebrating sustainability”) as well as Moët Hennessy’s pioneering spirit.

MOET HENNESSY Celebrates Sustainability
MOET HENNESSY Celebrates Sustainability
MOET HENNESSY Celebrates Sustainability


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