Green Cocktails Around NYC For St. Patrick’s Day!

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With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we thought that you might be interested in shaking up some green cocktails!

Though the color usually implies you’ll have to pinch your nose before swallowing, these green cocktails come from some of New York’s finest barmen and are absolutely delicious!



Avocado Daisy (created by Tim Cooper, Sweetwater Social)

Avocado Daisy
Avocado Daisy

1.5oz Del Maguey Vida
1oz Avocado business*
.75oz Lime juice
2 cucumber dials
Pinch of Smoked Alder Salt
2 dashes Hella Smoked Chili bitters
​M​uddle cucumbers. Add all other ingredients and shake with ice. Strain to a double old fashioned glass and run with smoked alder salt. Garnish with a cucumber ribbon.
*equal parts avocado, water & sugar
*photo credit Shedrick Pelt


Kale Margarita (created by Spencer Elliott, Bounce Sporting Club)

Bounce Kale Margarita
Bounce Kale Margarita

1​.5​o​z​ tequila
​.75oz​ agave
​.75oz​ lime
​.5oz​ ​fresh pressed ​kale juice
​Shake and pour over ice. ​Garnish with ​citrus wheels.​
*photo credit Andrew Kist


Back to Basil ​(created by Caleb Mayes, Atwood Kitchen & Bar Room)

Back to Basil
Back to Basil

5 basil leaves
.5​oz​ basil infused simple Syrup
.75​oz​ Green Chartreuse
.75​oz​ Lime Juice
1.5​oz​ tequila reposado
Muddle basil leaves with the lime juice. Add remaining ingredients, shake, strained into a absinthe sprayed coup with a basil leaf for garnish​.​


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