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Last week, between Christmas and New Years Eve, Tipsy Diaries hit the streets of Manhattan to GET TIPSY, and tipsy did we get! As if we needed and excuse for more booziness after weeks of holiday indulgences!

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to extend our holiday fun at some of New York City’s best hotel bars and restaurants.

Tipsy Tour NYC looked a little something like this:

The Hudson Common at Hudson Hotel, The Cellar Bar at The Bryant Park Hotel, STK Midtown, Hakkasan, PHD Terrace at The Dream Hotel Midtown, The Rickey at The Dream Hotel, and The Liquor Cabinet at The Gregory Hotel.

*Disclosure: Not for the faint of liver.


We started out at the luxury New York boutique hotel, Hudson Hotel. Located in Midtown Manhattan, just steps away from Central Park and Columbus Circle, Hudson is a hidden oasis among the hustle of the city. Even better, this elusive oasis offers various spots to get your drink on. The Hudson Common, Hudson Bar, Library Bar, and Sky Terrace are all located inside Hudson. Why leave?!

We sat down at The Hudson Common to start our road to tipsy in the Big Apple…

Hudson Common is a modern-day beer hall and burger joint, featuring a wide selection of local craft beers, classic American fare, and soda-shoppe inspired specialty cocktails.

Hudson Common
Hudson Common at Hudson Hotel NYC

Our first cocktail was the Smoky Pear Margarita. It is made with Del Maguey Mezcal Vida, Avion Silver Tequila, Grey Goose La Poire Vodka, Grand Marnier, & Lime. No room for unnecessary fillers in this one. LOVED it! You get the initial taste of margarita, with a smoky pear after-taste. Perfectly done.

After the Smoky Pear Margarita, we decided to switch it up, and try some beer! you can’t visit Hudson Common and not experience their local craft beers. I tried the Hard Pear Cider and a Pumpkin Beer. They were both an unexpected surprise for my palette. Not a big beer drinker, however, these were both light enough, with just the right amount of flavor.

Smoky Pear Margarita
Smoky Pear Margarita at The Hudson Common


Hard Pear Cider and Pumpkin Beer at The Hudson Common


Next up on our Tipsy Tour of NYC was The Cellar Bar at The Bryant Park Hotel.

The Bryant Park Hotel, located just across the street from Bryant Park, has emerged as a ‘Designer Luxury Hotel,’ known for catering to the fashion, Hollywood, and film industries. It is recognized worldwide for its commitment to luxury service and accommodations.

Downstairs, the hotel’s cavernous gothic lounge, The Cellar Bar, sits. Walking down to the bar, we were waiting to see King Henry or King Richard. This popular after-work and late night spot also creates a buzz for celebrity and people watching.

The Cellar Bar at The Bryant Park Hotel
The Cellar Bar at The Bryant Park Hotel

Okay, so you might not see King Henry or King Richard, but you might just meet Coco, Oscar, Hugo, Calvin, & Betsy. In liquid form.

We started out with the COCO cocktail. Made with Old Forester 46 Bourbon, Pumpkin Vodka, Creme de Cacao, Coconut Milk with a touch of cinnamon, coriander seeds, peppercorn-infused honey, and garnished with grated nutmeg.

As our server, Kristin Muri, explained “If Eggnog and a White Russian had a baby, the result would be ‘COCO.’

COCO Cocktail
COCO Cocktail at The Cellar Bar

After the COCO, we changed up the flavors AND booze, and tried the BETSY cocktail. Made with muddled blackberries, La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Rouge, and topped with Prosecco.

The Betsy Cocktail
The Betsy Cocktail at The Cellar Bar


At our third stop, STK Midtown, we were able to continue our road to tipsy AND indulge our appetites! It was magical.

STK Midtown is located right by Bryant Park and a ‘New York minute’ away from the theatre district.

When walking into STK, as is consistent among all of their venues, you feel as if you’ve walked right into the ‘perfect night out!’ They’ve blended their modern steakhouse with their chic-lounge, to emit a vibe like no other. The One Group know’s what’s up! And for a Monday night, it was packed!

STK Midtown
STK Midtown

Our first drink at STK was the ‘Strawberry Cobbler Cocktail.‘ And ummm…it doesn’t get much better than this! Made with Belvedere Vodka, muddled strawberries, simple syrup, sour mix, and then shaken and served up with a graham cracker crust. One of our all-time favorites.

Strawberry Cobbler Cocktail
Strawberry Cobbler Cocktail at STK Midtown

Next up, The Brooklyn Sour! This pretty little thing is made with Woodford Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Malbec Float, & Absinthe.

The Brooklyn Sour
The Brooklyn Sour at STK Midtown

After taking down these STK cocktails, we needed a break! Only halfway through the tour, we were thankful for food!

Check out this spread!…

Mini-sliders, parmesan truffle fries, and tuna tartare. We should’ve incorporated a nap-time into this tour.

Lil BRG's at STK Midtown
Lil BRG’s at STK Midtown
Parmesan Truffle Fried at STK Midtown
Parmesan Truffle Fried at STK Midtown
Tuna tartare
Tuna tartare at STK Midtown

After our mini side tour through heaven, we ended our tipsy stop at STK with the Naughty or Spice cocktail. This is made with spiced rum, lemon juice, Rekorderlig Pear Cider, & ground cinnamon…

The Naught or Spice Cocktail at STK Midtown
The Naught or Spice Cocktail at STK Midtown


Holy hell! 4 more stops to go. Hakkasan, PHD Terrace at the Dream Hotel, The Rickey at the Dream Hotel, and The Liquor Cabinet at The Gregory Hotel. OY!


Next, Hakkasan

This London-based spot, Hakkasan New York offers Cantonese-cuisine and is located in New York’s theatre district. Similar to it’s London outpost, and as we’ve experienced, one could walk right by Hakkasan in NYC and not even realize. With a very discreet-looking entrance from the street, once you walk through the door, it’s like a ‘secret hide-away’ of modern-luxury.

Hakkasan NYC
Hakkasan NYC

Our first cocktail at Hakkasan was the ‘prettiest’ cocktail of the night, The Floating Goddess cocktail. This looker is made with Grey Goose Vodka, muddled blueberries, elderflower syrup, & grapefruit juice. Very light & fruity! LOVE!

The Floating Goddess Cocktail at Hakkasan NYC
The Floating Goddess Cocktail at Hakkasan NYC

Next up, The Hakka cocktail. This one is made with Belvedere Vodka, Mizbasho junmai going sake, coconut, passion fruit, and lychee juice. Another light & fruity cocktail, and so so good!

The Hakka Cocktail at Hakkasan NYC
The Hakka Cocktail at Hakkasan NYC

The third cocktail at Hakkasan, yup, that’s right, I said THIRD, was the Blood and Sand cocktail. An interesting cocktail experience, this one is made with Dalmore 12 yr Scotch, Martini Gran Lusso Vermouth, Cherry Herring, Satsuma Godai umesha, orange juice, and orange wood smoke infusion. WOAH!

The smoke will sit inside the glass until you decide to remove the slice of orange. Once removed, it is a sensory experience of the nose, and once you take a sip, it’s a sensory experience for your palette. The best of both worlds, especially for a cocktail.

The spherical ice cube in the cocktail even had an ‘HK’ etched into it. Details, details.

Check it out..

Blood and Sand Cocktail
Blood and Sand Cocktail

We couldn’t leave Hakkasan without trying the Hakka Steamed Dim Sum Platter and some dessert!..The BEST dim sum around!..

Hakka Srean
Hakka Steamed Dim Sum Platter at Hakkasan New York
Dessert at Hakkasan New York


The next stop on the tour was The Dream Hotel in Midtown. The Dream was the host of 2 spots on our tipsy tour; PHD Terrace and The Rickey.

PHD Terrace is located atop The Dream Hotel, penthouse status. It offers an indoor and outdoor rooftop space with perfect views of Midtown and Times Square.

There’s nothing better than a cocktail with a view!

PHD Terrace
PHD Terrace
PHD Terrace Dream Midtown
PHD Terrace Dream Midtown

Our first drink was the Wild Berry cocktail. Made with Belvedere Wild Berry Vodka, Fresh Berry Medley, and Fresh Mint.


Wild Berry Cocktail

 Next up, the Wet Dream cocktail, made with Grey Goose Cherry Noir Vodka, White Cranberry & Pineapple, & St. Germain.

Very sweet & tasty!

Wet Dream Cocktail
Wet Dream Cocktail


 After we got done with these two sweeties and after awe-ing at the view, we headed downstairs to the lobby level of Dream Midtown, to The Rickey.

The Rickey, an inviting craft cocktail lounge, was the coziest spot all night! The Rickey takes it’s name from the 19th & 20th century cocktail known as the ‘lime rickey.’ It brought us back in time to the good ole’ raspberry lime rickey days.

The Rickey at The Dream Hotel Midtown
The Rickey at The Dream Hotel Midtown

The cocktails were quirky and fun to drink, ESPECIALLY the rickeys! Refreshing!

Check them out..

the pomegranate rickey
The Pomegranate Rickey at The Rickey at The Dream Midtown
The Rickey at The Dream Midtown
The Rickey at The Dream Midtown
The Rickey at The Dream Midtown
The Rickey at The Dream Midtown


We’ve finally made it to the LAST stop of Tipsy Tour NYC, The Liquor Cabinet of The Gregory Hotel. We were still standing, we promise. The lobby of The Gregory transforms from Coffee Press to a stylish cocktail lounge that can keep you tipsy all night long.

By the fireplace? YES, PLEASE!

Raid the Liquor Cabinet? YES, PLEASE!

The Fireplace
The Liquor Cabinet at The Gregory Hotel

We had the Winter Old Fashioned and The Gregory cocktail…

Winter Old Fashioned
Winter Old Fashioned
The Gregory
The Gregory


After our raid, we were down for the count…until the sun came up the next day.

1 day, 7 venues, 17 cocktails (oh my), and an amazing New York City tipsy experience.

Check back for our next NYC Tipsy Tour. But for the time being, back to LA, for Tipsy Tour Los Angeles.



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