Geoff Stults Birthday Party Fundraiser Sponsored by The Newest ‘Tipsy’ App, HOOCH

Los Angeles – Celebrities and Hollywood’s A-list, attended Geoff Stults’ Birthday Party Fundraiser, where all attendees were gifted memberships to HOOCH, the newest must-download app for NYC and LA hip sippers. Hollywood hunk, Scott Eastwood, threw on a Hooch hat to celebrate the start of the holidays as he worked behind the bar with actress Rosario Dawson. HOOCH, the first app that creates a private cocktail society where users can redeem one cocktail per day at the cities top cocktail bars, is set to hard launch in Los Angeles in the new year.

Scott Eastwood & Rosario Dawson
Scott Eastwood & Rosario Dawson
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Scott Eastwood & Rosario Dawson
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