Toastmakers Michael Bublé and Alice Smith Celebrate Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday with JACK DANIEL’S

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Frank Sintara
Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday

In honor of Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday, Jack Daniel’s has tapped some of today’s top Toastmakers, including GRAMMY award-winner Michael Bublé and soulful singer-songwriter Alice Smith, to honor the legendary crooner (and Jack Daniel’s biggest fan) through the Toastmakers campaign

Brought to life via Instagram, fans can view curated content now from Bublé, Smith, and other celebrities influenced by Frank. Fans are then able to create their own Instagram toast to Ol’ Blue Eyes with his drink of choice – Jack Daniel’s – using the hashtag #ToastSinatraContest to enter for a chance to win a Sinatra-style weekend that would make the pack proud.

In addition to the social campaign, Jack Daniel’s celebrated Frank’s 100th with the Sinatra Supper Club in tandem with the launch of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century at the ’21’ Club in NYC on Wednesday, December 2. VIP diners including Alice Smith feted Ol’ Blue Eye’s Centennial alongside Master Distiller Jeff Arnett and other Sinatra and whiskey fans during a three course meal with some of Frank’s favorite dishes paired with his favorite drink. The indulgent dining experience celebrated Smith and her participation in the campaign.

Culminating on Frank Sinatra’s birthday, December 12, Toastmakers commemorates the truly special bond between Jack and Frank, as does Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century, the limited-run special edition whiskey created hand-in-hand with the Sinatra family and released this October. Only 100 barrels of this big character whiskey were created, and each exclusive bottle is accompanied by a selection of previously unreleased Sinatra tracks, entitled, “Sinatra Live at the Sands in 1966.”

Frank sinatra
Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday
Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday
Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday
Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday
Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday




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