FOUR POINTS by SHERATON Brings Together Beer & Liquor This Holiday Season

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FOUR POINTS by Sheraton
FOUR POINTS by Sheraton

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we’re paring everyone’s favorite things together – and no it’s not stuffing and turkey, but beer, cider and liquor!

The holidays are a great time to entertain and delight family with fun, innovative cocktails, so check out some recipes courtesy of Four Points very own Grill Master, Elizabeth Karmel.

For those of you who like your drinks tall, dark and handsome, the Dark Horse is a thirst satisfying blend of Guinness and Captain Morgan. If you prefer to walk on the lighter side, the Light House, a seasonal combination of hard cider and Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, make for a crisp and refreshing cocktail.



Dark Horse:

Dark Horse
Dark Horse

1/2 cup Guinness
2 shots Captain Morgan
3 shots Coke Zero
Serve in a small hurricane glass


Light House:

Light House
Light House

3/4 cup hard cider
2 shots jack Daniels Tennessee HONEY
1 shot Coke Zero
Serve in a small hurricane glass


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