EZ NITE: New App & Social Network Curating Nights Out for All

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EZ NITE allows users to discover, plan, and book a night out from start to finish and all from their device. Whether you’re looking for a cool new nightclub, bar or lounge to booking a dinner at some of the hottest restaurants in NYC – this app does it all! It will initially launch in New York City and will then span across top cities in the U.S. over the next few months. The app aims to create a more meaningful relationship where both venue and consumer communicate directly to build out curated hospitality experiences-essentially cutting out the ‘middle man.’ This personalized dedication ensures that each and every night out booked through EZ Nite is turnkey and special, but in a way that will really captivate the consumer and build the relationship with the venues.

The app also allows friends and consumers to communicate within the app to add simplicity to choosing where to go and what the offers are for that night. Basically, it allows users to get rid of that pesky ‘group chat’ or email chain that seems to never end. The many elements of EZ Nite allow for it to act as a social platform as well as a hospitality booking and marketing tool. It also allows users to see what’s going on at places nearby, while venues can get the news out quick with the app’s unique marketing abilities that allow for quick transmission of info to bring guests back and attract new customers.

The brainchild of entrepreneur and creative strategist Brian Chaplin, hospitality veteran Mark LaValle and developer Chris Hardaker, EZ Nite captures all the best elements of the hospitality business paired with ease and accessibility.


How EZ NITE works:

Discover the latest and greatest going on in whichever neighborhood you want. The newest bars and clubs, hottest restaurants and coolest events, updated by the minute so you don’t miss a thing. The EZ NITE team has a large network of NYC accounts, leaving no stone unturned.

Plan with your friends in real time on EZ NITE‘s integrated social platform. Get everyone on the same page without annoying and inescapable group texts. Use EZ NITE and the whole crew sees the restaurants/venue, description, photos, location, dress code, pricing, and more so you can get it set and get out the door!


Book your night out wherever, whenever so the cover is paid, the table is set and the bubbles are chilling on ice while you’re in the cab. Everyone can see exactly when and where to meet and if your plans change, update the reservation accordingly so you, your friends and the venue are in lock step the whole time!




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