Andy Roddick Mixes Up GREY GOOSE Cocktails During the US Open in NYC

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2015.09.01 Grey Goose Andy Roddick
2015.09.01 Grey Goose Andy Roddick

New York – Last night, GREY GOOSE kicked off the US Open with Andy Roddick and introduced the world to their premier activation “The Winning Shot.” For the first time during its partnership with the world-renowned tennis tournament, GREY GOOSE is transforming Manhattan’s grid into a tennis court the size of the city, bringing the daytime action of the US Open to nightlife off the court with a series of legendary private after-parties located at premium ‘Winning Shot’ venues across New York City.

Andy took to the court at Randall’s Island Tennis Center with guests, giving them tips and tricks for hitting game-winning shots. To everyone’s delight, he even showed off his world-record 155mph. Andy then led attendees to the “Winning Shot” after party location at Mace in the East Village, where Andy headed behind the bar for a different kind of serve – and mixed up GREY GOOSE Honey Deuce and High Five cocktails for everyone.

2015.09.01 Grey Goose Andy Roddick
2015.09.01 Grey Goose Andy Roddick
2015.09.01 Grey Goose Andy Roddick
2015.09.01 Grey Goose Andy Roddick
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