Labor Day Cocktails: Red, White, & BOOM! w. SVEDKA VODKA & ONEHOPE WINE

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Say goodbye to summer with a bang by enjoying a refreshingly cool Red, White & Boom SVEDKA cocktail using the limited edition Stars & Stripes Bottle, or try the cold and creamy Raspberry Fizz using ONEHOPE Wine and sorbet.



SVEDKA Vodka’s Red White & Boom

Red, White, & BOOM
Red, White, & BOOM

1¾ parts SVEDKA Vodka
¾ part lemonade
½ part triple sec
1 part cranberry juice
Juice of 6 whole limes
12 cups ice
Whole blueberries & quartered strawberries

Combine all ingredients in a receptacle large enough for all liquids and plenty of ice. Add 5-6 cups to begin and stir. Garnish with berries and serve. Add ice and garnish as needed throughout the duration of the punch. Yields 25-30 servings.


ONEHOPE Wine Raspberry Fizz


ONEHOPE Sparkling Brut
1 pint raspberry sorbet
3 oz. lemoncello
Blackberries for garnish
Place one small scoop of sorbet in each glass

Add 1/2 oz. lemoncello to each glass and top with ONEHOPE Sparkling Brut
Garnish with fresh blackberries


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