JACK DANIEL’S Announces New Edition to Coveted Single Barrel Collection, BARREL PROOF

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Barrel Proof
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof

Lynchburg, Tenn. (July 15, 2015) – The Jack Daniel Distillery announces the nationwide release of the brand’s first-ever barrel strength offering within the coveted Single Barrel Collection, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof. The newest member of the Jack Daniel’s Family of Brands will hit shelves in August and will be available across the U.S.

As master distiller at Jack Daniel’s, I get the privilege of traveling to the top floors of our barrelhouses in Lynchburg and hand drilling individual barrels. This provides me the rare opportunity to taste Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey in its purest form; unfiltered and uncut,” said Jeff Arnett, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller. “I’m always amazed at the intensity of the aromas and the deep amber colors, and yet at the same time, the exceptional smoothness of the whiskey at this higher proof point. After years of thinking about and discussing a barrel proof offering from Jack Daniel’s, we believe that now is the perfect time to make this available to all of our friends around the world. I’m confident that everyone will be as impressed as I was the first time I tasted this unique form of Single Barrel whiskey.

Barrel Proof, ranging from 125 to 140 proof, is the Jack Daniel Distillery’s second offering in the Single Barrel Collection which includes Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select. Select is a 94-proof single barrel Tennessee Whiskey with a robust, full-bodied flavor complemented by Jack Daniel’s smooth charcoal-mellowed character. Together, Select and Barrel Proof combine to create the world’s finest collection of single barrel Tennessee Whiskey. The collection uses Jack Daniel’s unique charcoal-mellowing process – helping to provide the signature depth of aroma and complex flavor that Jack Daniel’s friends know and love.

Barrel Proof is crafted using the same cave spring water from the Jack Daniel’s Hollow, proprietary yeast and charcoal-mellowing process that’s been used in the distillery’s nearly 150-year-old Tennessee Whiskey recipe. From there, the liquid enters a charred White American Oak barrel, forged within Jack Daniel’s very own cooperage and set to age in the upper regions of the barrelhouse. In this resting place, the whiskey is exposed to the extreme temperature variations that a Lynchburg, Tennessee season brings. The interaction of the whiskey, the wood and the environment creates nuances from barrel to barrel to bring out distinct flavor profiles that transcend the expected to become ‘Barrel Proof.’

Barrel Proof takes the flavor range of sweet vanilla and toasted oak that has become the Jack Daniel’s trademark to a whole new level. Although every barrel is slightly different, each offers a great intensity and complexity with an exceptionally smooth finish. These are the key characteristics of a whiskey that has been fully matured in a superior quality toasted and charred oak barrel. Barrel Proof is a surprisingly robust whiskey that brings something unique to the palates of Jack Daniel’s friends and whiskey enthusiasts alike.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof will be available nationwide beginning August 2015. The product will be priced approximately $65.00 per 750ml.




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