Sip on the ‘Golden Mimosa’ with REAL 24-Karat Gold Flakes from XXIV Karat Sparkling Wine

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XXIV Karat
XXIV Karat Sparkling Wine

Add some shine to your spring cocktails with XXIV Karat, the FIRST California sparkling wine with indulgent 24-karat gold flakes. Sip on a refreshing XXIV Karat “Golden Mimosa,” a luxurious take on the traditional brunch cocktail with REAL 24-karat gold flakes and Tangerine juice for a more complex flavor.



XXIV Karat Golden Mimosa

XXIV Karat 'Golden Mimosa'
XXIV Karat ‘Golden Mimosa’

· 1 bottle of XXIV Karat Grande Cuveé
· 1 cup of fresh tangerine juice, chilled
· Garnish with Orange Zest

· Pour a splash of tangerine juice into 4 champagne flutes, dividing evenly. Top with the XXIV Karat Grande Cuveé. Stir briefly to blend the flavors. Garnish with the orange zest and serve immediately. Serves 4.


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