Rolling Stone LIVE Presented by MILLER LITE Over Super Bowl Weekend

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Rolling Stone LIVE Presented By Miller Lite
Rolling Stone LIVE Presented By Miller Lite

Rolling Stone Magazine set its sights on Scottsdale, Arizona to host the hottest, most exclusive VIP event during the biggest weekend in sports with entertainment and marketing agency- Talent Resources Sports. These two are no strangers to producing the best and most celeb filled parties during the biggest weekend in sports.

While the Patriots and Seahawks prepared for Super Bowl Sunday, Talent Resources Sports brought down the weekend with the Kia Luxury Lounge and The Rolling Stone Live event presented by Miller. Throughout the day, not all Seahawks were in hiding. Running back Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks stopped by the KIA Motors Luxury Lounge presented by ZIRH & Talent Resources Sports. In addition, Anna Lynne McCord, Tom Arnold, and many famed athletes stopped by THE Kia Luxury Lounge picking up Otterbox phone cases, ZIRH Products, and more at the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts. Anna Lynne cleared the air that she is not dating anyone at the moment, but here in Arizona promoting her No Traffic Foundation-

But the magic happened at the Rolling Stone Live event presented by Miller and Talent Resources Sports. Guests such as Aaron Paul, David Spade, and Craig Robinson enjoyed performances by Grammy Nominated Charlie XCX and music icon Steven Tyler. Guests enjoyed like tattoo applications, miller draft beers, and the VIP treatment.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith & Charli XCX, Rolling Stone LIVE Presented By Miller Lite
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith & Charli XCX, Rolling Stone LIVE Presented By Miller Lite
Rolling Stone LIVE Presented By Miller Lite
Rolling Stone LIVE Presented By Miller Lite
Rolling Stone LIVE Presented By Miller Lite
Rolling Stone LIVE Presented By Miller Lite
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