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Riviera 31
Riviera 31

Los Angeles – On Tuesday night, Tipsy Diaries stopped by Riviera 31 at the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills to check out the live entertainment, eat, and get tipsy.

We fell in love with Riviera 31’s crafted cocktails, ambiance, and live music, that can make anyone feel as if they are enjoying a night out in the French Riviera. Famed cocktail consultant and mixologist, Matthew Biancaniello, is to blame for the flavors of the masterfully crafted cocktails that we consumed.

Throughout the week, Riviera 31 provides live entertainment by some of LA’s top entertainers. Check out this line-up:

Monday – “Jazz Eclectic Mondays”  Presented by Ryan Cross (Live-9pm)

Tuesday – “Gypsy Jazz”

Wednesday – Live acoustic set with Max Calo and Jennifer Milan

Thursdays -“Analog Thursdays”

Fridays – Burlesque performer, Carolina Cerisola & DJ Dom P

Saturday – Resident DJ and “Miss Dakota and Friends” burlesque performances (Live/DJ-10pm)

Additionally, seven days a week from 5-8PM, Riviera 31 has “APERITIF,” in which guests can enjoy live piano entertainment as they get tipsy with specially priced wines, cocktails, & tapas.

Riviera 31, thanks to Xperiment USA, has become one of the most sought after spots in LA for celebrities, professionals, and tastemakers, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Take a look at these cocktails…




2 oz Plymouth Gin

1 oz Pressed Lime Juice

1 oz Agave

Method: Muddle Arugula, add all ingredients in shaker, serve over ice





2 oz Illegal Mezcal

1 oz Avion Tequila

1 oz Lime Juice

½ oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

Kissed with Ghost Pepper Salt

Method: Build all ingredients in a shaker over ice, sprinkle top with Ghost Pepper Salt 



Eden Roc
Eden Roc


1.5oz Absolut Elyx

 .5oz Martell VSOP (float)

1.5oz calvados

3/4oz apple juice

Method: In a shake muddle apple, red pepper, berries, cinnamon, nutmeg


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