Carmen Electra Hosts the ’21 & Over’ Blu-Ray and DVD Release Party at HAZE Nightclub Las Vegas

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Las Vegas – Last Thursday evening, Carmen Electra hosted the “21 & Over” Blu-Ray and DVD Release Party at HAZE Nightclub at Aria in Las Vegas. She danced throughout the evening and challenged numerous people to games of beer pong. She sipped drinks and received the attention of every male club goer as she played with branded light sabers and embraced the theme of the movie- reliving your 21st birthday! Cheers!

Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra – photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage
Carmen Electra - photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage
Carmen Electra – photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage
Carmen Electra - photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage
Carmen Electra – photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage




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