What Does Your Mojito Say About You? Find Out at Skybar at the Mondrian Los Angeles

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Summer season is upon us and mojitos are always a poolside favorite, but have you ever thought that your mojito could give away your personality? Tara Shadzi, head bartender at Skybar at Mondrian Los Angeles, has been in the industry for over ten years and can tell which mojito her guests will have based on their personality. So next time you order a mojito, think about what vibe you’re giving out!


The Life of the Party – as an outgoing, entertainer, these types will order Skybar’s Energy Mojito since they need to be energized to continuously schmooze. They’re considered gregarious, charming and confident.

Skybar Energy Mojito
Skybar Energy Mojito


The Traditionalist – since traditionalists are very practical, they stick to what they know so will order a regular mojito or one of Skybar’s fruit flavored mojitos (popular among women). These types are discreet, observant and conscientious.

Skybar Watermelon Mojito
Skybar Watermelon Mojito


The Thrill seeker –  as a person who takes risks and likes out-of-the-ordinary, they will pick the most exotic and unusual mojito such as the Skybar’s Spicy Mango Mojito which is muddled with serrano peppers.  These people are considered to be fearless, adventurous and not as dependable.

Skybar Spicy Mango Mojito
Skybar Spicy Mango Mojito


The Health Nut – since they watch every calorie, the Skinny Mojito made with Agave or a fruit (instead of simple syrup), will be their mojito of choice.  They could be considered precise, optimistic but somewhat neurotic.

Skybar Skinny Mojito
Skybar Skinny Mojito

All the mentioned drinks above are available at Skybar at Mondrian Los Angeles. These can be specially ordered and are available for $12. For table reservations, call 323-848-6025.


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