Maksim & Val Chmerkovskiy Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend at AZURE Luxury Pool at The Palazzo Las Vegas

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Val & Maksim Chmerkovskiy at  AZURE Luxury Pool at The Palazzo Las Vegas
Val & Maksim Chmerkovskiy at AZURE Luxury Pool at The Palazzo Las Vegas – photo by Silton Buendia for Venetian/Palazzo

Las Vegas – Over the past seasons, AZURE Luxury Pool has become a hotspot for Dancing with the Stars members. After his finale, professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy was joined by his brother Maksim at AZURE where they were able to relax and unwind for the weekend after Val’s busy season. The two brothers enjoyed a day by the pool with other Dancing with the Stars castmates Serge Onik, Oksana Dmytrenko and other close friends. They celebrated Memorial Day Weekend dressed patriotically with red and blue shorts as well as Val’s top 2 Dancing with the Stars finish. The brothers spent the day joking around while showing their washboard abs.

Group Photo at AZURE Luxury Pool at The Palazzo Las Vegas
Group Photo at AZURE Luxury Pool at The Palazzo Las Vegas – photo by Silton Buendia for Venetian/Palazzo


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