Tipsy with Tallarico Vodka in NYC

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Tallarico Vodka
Tallarico Vodka

New York – On Thursday evening at The Anchor in Soho, a handful of New York City’s hottest entrepreneurs toasted to love, success, and Beverly Hills’ newest offering – Tallarico Vodka.

Here at Tipsy Diaries, we’ve tasted more than our fair share of liquor. While we’re not very picky about our booze (as long as it leads to an incredible night), Tallarico Vodka is easily one of the best tasting vodkas we’ve ever had.

Firstly, it’s made in America, and as Tipsy Diaries is an American company living the good life in American cities, we certainly appreciate the “Made in America” seal. However, it has a grander vision to spread its American appeal across the globe, which no doubt, will happen.

Secondly, there aren’t many vodkas that can be just as easily enjoyed sipped, rather than mixed. Tallarico wins over all others in this category. “From the perfect blend of common rye and white winter wheat, Tallarico evaporates on the palette, with no astringent after taste.”

Our personal favorite cocktail was the “Blackberry Gimlet,” made from a simple blend of Tallarico, blackberry puree and fresh lime juice…

Next up: Tipsy at The Beverly Hills Hotel …Tallarico Vodka is serving up specialty cocktails at the Beverly Hills Hotel for their monthly Jazz night series. Stop by for a relaxing evening of cocktails, jazz, & good company. Cheers! –

– tipsy team, Alex King




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