MERCY Appoints New CEO as it Prepares for Rapid Expansion

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March 5, 2013 – New York, New York:  Mercy, the pioneering hangover-prevention beverage company, announces that David Racicot has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer. Launched in 2011, Mercy is a carbonated beverage packed with vitamins and amino acids that fortify your body to rapidly break down the toxic elements of alcohol, thereby preventing hangovers and enhancing overall health.

David Racicot has extensive experience in the beverage industry and formerly held senior executive and marketing positions with Coca-Cola, Jim Beam and Campari America.  Most recently, in 2008 he founded and launched Thatcher’s Organic Artisan Liqueur, a sustainably farmed, all-natural and certified organic liqueur. “I am excited for the opportunity to lead Mercy and build on the momentum of this new brand and this important new category in the beverage industry,” said Racicot.

Mercy founder Dave Shor said: “David is a dynamic general manager, a creative chief marketer and a resourceful business builder with significant U.S. and international beverage experience. He has a big-company skill set and the unique ability to apply these skills in a small-company context. David is capable of taking Mercy’s first-mover advantage and building it into a category-leading company.

The announcement of Racicot’s appointment comes on the heels of Mercy’s partnerships with New York distributor Phoenix /Beehive and Florida’s, Brown Distributing Company. Mercy is now set to rapidly expand across the US and internationally. Racicot will replace co-CEOs Luc Tomasino and Gerald Palacios, who mostly recently led this emerging-growth beverage company.

Mercy is the most effective product on the market at preventing hangovers thanks to its combination of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids. And while the product offers uniquely high levels of vitamins, Mercy’s team has also succeeded in making the drink not just enjoyable, but crisp and refreshing. The company recommends that consumers drink Mercy as their last beverage of the evening to make their next day both pleasant and productive.



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