‘Demystifying the Martini’ with BELVEDERE VODKA

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'Demystifying the Martini' with Belvedere Vodka
‘Demystifying the Martini’ with Belvedere Vodka

New York – On Wednesday night, Belvedere Vodka hosted an intimate cocktail tasting at Pouring Ribbons with Belvedere’s Head of Spirit Creation & Mixology, Claire Smith. New York’s top editors enjoyed an evening of Belvedere martini sampling and learned Claire Smith’s tips and tricks for creating – and demystifying – the perfect Belvedere martini.

Guests were taken through three rounds of tastings, each round exploring a different facet of the ever-elusive martini. From martini technique to vermouth choice to form of garnish, the martini has countless variables that can be controlled and tailored to every cocktail lover’s specific taste. When it comes to shaken versus stirred, Claire Smith says, “Why choose? There is no right or wrong.

A shaken martini adds air to the drink, disrupting the elements of the martini to create a fresh, clean and energetic cocktail. A stirred martini, on the other hand, marries all of the elements, blending the ingredients together smoothly and seamlessly. Claire’s tip for ordering a stirred martini? “If you order a martini stirred and the bartender only stirs for ten seconds, ask him to stir longer,” Claire says, “Otherwise the martini will heat up very quickly.

As Belvedere’s Head of Spirit Creation and Mixology, Claire Smith is considered one of the most respected authorities on vodka and mixology worldwide. At Belvedere, Claire is responsible for creating and perfecting Belvedere’s new flavors in addition to designing cocktails and setting and identifying key mixology and vodka trends.

'Demystifying the Martini' with Belvedere Vodka
‘Demystifying the Martini’ with Belvedere Vodka


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