His & Hers Valentine’s Day Cocktails at Spice Market New York

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The Spice Market
The Spice Market – New York

Spice Market has created His & Hers cocktails to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

The First Lady, for the ladies, is made with Gin, Hibiscus Syrup, Maraschino Liquor, Vermouth, Egg White and Citruses.

The Purple Heart, for the gentleman, is made with Bourbon, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Cherry Bitters with a Hibiscus base.


The First Lady

The First Lady
The First Lady

1.5 oz Gin

1.75 oz Hibiscus Syrup

.25 oz Maraschino Liqueur

.5 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

.75 oz Sweet Vermouth

1 Egg White

3 Dashes of Orange Bitters

Combine all ingredients and shake well. Pour into a martini glass. Enjoy!


The Purple Heart

The Purple Heart
The Purple Heart

1.75 oz Bourbon

.75 oz Lime juice

.25 oz Simple Syrup

.75 oz Hibiscus Base

4 dashes of Cherry Bitters

Combine all ingredients and shake well. Pour into a highball glass. Enjoy!



A timeless paean to Southeast Asian sensuality, Spice Market titillates Manhattan’s Meatpacking District with Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s piquant elevations of the region’s street cuisine served in a casual, sexy atmosphere.

Inspired by the street food Mr.Vongerichten enjoyed while traveling in Southeast Asia, Spice Market’s menu authentically uplifts its inspirations while offering guests the additional delight of family-style dining – food comes continuously throughout the meal and is placed at the center of table for all to share. With each new dish, patrons are transported to the idealization of a Vietnamese street market or a Thai food stall. Regional fish sauces, curries and spices are tweaked to tantalizing effect in dishes like chicken samosas with cilantro-infused yogurt, a vinegar-infused pork vindaloo and halibut cha ca la vong.


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