TY KU Sake Drinking Game for the Premiere of Millionaire Matchmaker with Patti Stanger

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For all of you singles who daydream of meeting a millionaire, there’s still hope! The star of Bravo’s hit reality show Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, for the 6th season in a row, will perfect the art of pairing pretty women with wealthy guys.

In honor of the season premiere tonight (Thursday, January 10th) at 9pm EST, we invite you to play The Millionaire Matchmaker Drinking Game with Patti Stanger’s perfect match when it comes to cocktails – TY KU Premium Sake & Spirits.

Every week, whip up the weekly Millionaire Matchmaker Cocktail (all low-calorie and gluten free), courtesy of co-owner of TY KU Patti Stanger herself, and play a Patti-inspired drinking game during the show – every Thursday at 9pm EST/6pm PST on Bravo…

For tonight’s episode, check out the drinking game cocktail below…

Episode 1: Wounded Wally and the Mama’s Boy



2 oz TY KU Sake Silver

1 oz TY KU Soju

Add cucumber


The Rules are Simple:

If Patti says…”Gluten Free”… 1 sip

If Patti says “Penis / Cock”… 2 sips

If Patti says “ Fall In Love”… 3 sips

Whenever Patti refers to herself…3 sips

Whenever Patti yells at someone… 3 sips



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