Tribeca Film’s ‘Struck By Lightning’ Premiere & After-Party

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Chris Colfer & Dermot Mulroney - Tribeca Film Presents The Premiere Of "Struck By Lightning"
Chris Colfer & Dermot Mulroney – Tribeca Film Presents The Premiere Of “Struck By Lightning”

Los Angeles – Chris Colfer, Sarah Hyland, Lauren Potter, Rebel Wilson, and Dermot Mulroney were among the celebrities who attended Tribeca Film’s Premiere and After-party of ‘Struck by Lightning‘ in Los Angeles.

Guests enjoyed Fatburger at the after-party and Sarah Hyland was hanging out with Matt Prokop as Chris Colfer was mingling with Dermot Mulroney and Darren Criss for most of the evening..

Chris Colfer & Sarah Hyland - Tribeca Film Presents The Premiere Of "Struck By Lightning"
Chris Colfer & Sarah Hyland – Tribeca Film Presents The Premiere Of “Struck By Lightning”
Sarah Hyland & Matt Prokop - Tribeca Film Presents The Premiere Of "Struck By Lightning"
Sarah Hyland & Matt Prokop – Tribeca Film Presents The Premiere Of “Struck By Lightning”




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