BUYER BEWARE: UGG Australia Offers Tips To Protect Consumers From Buying Counterfeit this Holiday Season

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During last year’s Black Friday weekend, a record 226 million shoppers spent $52 billion dollars!

As we head into the busiest shopping days of the year, consumers around the nation are getting ready to take out their wallets. BUT BUYER BEWARE! Despite heightened anti-counterfeiting measures, counterfeit goods remain ever present in today’s marketplace.

This holiday season, UGG® Australia wants to make sure you know Where to Shop, What to Know and What to Look For when buying your gifts. Let’s be honest, no one wants to unwrap a fake.

How can you tell real from faux? Do Your Homework:

Look For Authenticity:

§  UGG Classic product is made with Grade A twin-faced sheepskin (it is one piece)

§  Hang tags are not used on Classic products – if you see a hang tag, it’s a fake

§  Counterfeit outsoles are stiff and difficult to flex or bend – UGG boots bend with ease

Buy Only From Trusted Online Retailers: If you aren’t shopping our site or an authorized retailer, you are being fooled into buying fake product!


Counterfeiting remains a growing global problem – not only for companies, but also consumers,” said Angel Martinez, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

Online or off, we want consumers to shop for UGG products with confidence. That’s why we remain committed to fighting this issue while continuing to raise awareness and educate consumers.

Any consumer who has shopped online for UGG boots, shoes or accessories may have already been exposed to the thousands of counterfeit UGG websites advertising fake UGG products. These sites are intentionally trying to deceive shoppers into buying UGG counterfeit products. Often, these sites will advertise “uggs on sale”, “cheap uggs”, or “discount uggs”. Counterfeiters frequently use email blasts and flash sales as ways of drawing consumers to their sites as well. Offline, counterfeiters often host tables at flea markets in hopes of duping unsuspecting customers into purchasing fake UGG products. These products may look real, and it can be difficult to detect a fake UGG boot, shoe or accessory. This is particularly true online where counterfeiters use UGG brand images, and typically the name UGG appears in the domain.

Buying counterfeit products has a significant impact on the global economy, eliminating tens of thousands of jobs with legitimate businesses and costing the worldwide economy an estimated $600 billion of revenue a year. Deckers’ anti-counterfeiting efforts are part of a robust initiative that includes hundreds of raids and customs seizures around the world. More than 834,000 counterfeit UGG products and three million counterfeit components were seized worldwide in 2011.



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