New Yorkers “Go For the Gold” at LAVO’s Champagne Brunch

Picture 3

This Saturday, in celebration of the London Olympics, LAVO New York will be hosting their famed Champagne Brunch – OLYMPIC STYLE! The weekly party, known for its delectable culinary offerings and wild tabletop dancing will offer all their regular shenanigans plus special Olympic-inspired highlights including, Bikini-Clad LAVO Swim Team dancers, Olympic themed bottle service, and a variety of festive props – flags, hats, glasses, instruments, etc.

Olympians can also indulge in sweet and savory menu options, such as the PB & J Pancakes (with Reese’s Pieces baked in) or the South Brooklyn Chicken & Waffles, “Back to School” Truffle Grilled Cheese and Potato & Smoked Salmon Crepe.

Starting at 4:00 PM, the event will take on more of a nightclub feel as the lights are lowered, place settings are cleared and guests are encouraged to get up on the tables and “GO for the gold!”

Past celebrity guests include Gerard Butler, Leonardo DiCaprio and John Stamos.

PB & J Pancakes – photo by Patrick MacLeod



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