West Coast Launch of Carrera 6000 Sponsored by COVERGIRL and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

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West Coast Launch of Carrera 6000 Sponsored by COVERGIRL and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum – photo by John Sciulli

Los Angeles – On Saturday night, the west coast launch of Carrera 6000 sponsored by COVERGIRL & Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum took place poolside at the Chateau Marmont.

Dallas star Josh Henderson showed up feeling “tired and spent” after a long weekend partying with friends in Malibu. After sleeping in the car the entire way back to Los Angeles, Josh was excited to score a pair of the new Carrera 6000’s since he referred to himself as a “sunglass connoisseur”. Later, when Josh was asked about his relationship with co-star Jesse Metcalfe, he shrugged it off and said “he’s okay. We try to keep it professional”. Guess there might be some tension on set? Maybe it has something to do with his current single status – a local source says he’s “quite the ladies man” and has girls lining up outside his door, which in-turn has made him extremely cocky. After checking on his reflection more than a few times in a nearby mirror, picture perfect Henderson headed to the bar for some Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum cocktails and flirted with a petite brunette.

Another single celeb, Kevin Connolly, was seen in the next room over but was not having as much luck with the ladies. Connolly stayed to himself and was seen talking to only one blonde, which he was excited to see. Guess she didn’t feel the same way, because he immediately headed to the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum bar, before slipping out the back door.

Amber Lancaster shared her beauty tips at the West Coast Launch of Carrera 6000, as she taught women the secret of long lashes. She refreshed her makeup at the COVERGIRL beauty bar before raving about her dinner with girlfriends at Chateau Marmont, but she likes simple eating, no fancy lobster dishes on her plate. On the other end of the room, Laura Prepon was unrecognizable by the majority of guests in her new dark brown hair, which she dyed for a movie role. When asked about it, she laughed and said that she is liking the incognito status. As soon as she started speaking though, everyone knew exactly who had stepped into the room. She tried on Carrera 6000 shades with a friend and asked for her advice on which color to pick. Final choice, a pair of chic, black retro shades.

West Coast Launch of Carrera 6000 Sponsored by COVERGIRL and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum –  photo by John Sciulli
West Coast Launch of Carrera 6000 Sponsored by COVERGIRL and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum –  photo by John Sciulli


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