Paula Abdul Celebrates Her 50th Birthday at Azure & Tao at The Palazzo Las Vegas

Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 9.22.40 AM
Paula Abdul celebrates her 50th birthday at Azure, Credit: IS Photography/

Las Vegas – It was a milestone occasion in Las Vegas this Thursday as pop music icon and former American Idol sweetheart Paula Abdul celebrated her 50th birthday at The Palazzo Las Vegas. The singer and television personality, along with a couple dozen of her closest friends, commemorated the occasion by soaking up some sun at Azure, The Palazzo Las Vegas’ luxury pool.

Paula and her beau Johnny Caprio, who also joined in on the fun by celebrating his own birthday at Azure that day, chatted with guests about what it was like to turn 50. “It’s a huge birthday for me! I’m excited about it. It’s a monumental birthday for sure!” Paula explained to a couple of extra-important guests: her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Abdul partied with their daughter to help ring in her five decades of life and enjoy a few things that The Palazzo Las Vegas had to offer.

On Thursday night, Paula continued the celebration with family and friends at TAO in Las Vegas. Paula arrived with her beau and her parents, “Extra” anchor Terri Seymour and 30 guests to the Asian bistro where they took over an area on the hotspot’s 2nd floor overlooking the signature Buddha. The group dined on sushi platters and a mix of signature dishes.

 Following dinner, Paula and crew made their way to the nightclub’s VIP skyboxes in the main room. The club surprised Paula with a huge birthday presentation, as a blaze of flashlights started at one corner of the room and made its way to the stars area with a three tiered cake carried by the clubs waitresses. Simultaneously DJ D Miles let club goers know that Paula Abdul was in the house for her birthday as her music videos flashed on the LED screen and D Miles dropped her classic “Straight up”.

The club immediately started cheering and soon everyone was singing along to the classic jam. Paula immediately stood up and waved to the crowd and was thrilled at the spectacle, embracing her boyfriend as the cake arrived at the table inscribed with “happy birthday Paula and John”.

Paula Abdul and boyfriend, John Caprio at TAO Nightclub, Credit: IS Photography/




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