Hospoda Celebrates Their First Year Anniversary

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Hospoda Celebrates Their First Year Anniversary

New York – On Thursday, June 14, Tipsy Diaries headed over to the Upper East Side for Hospoda’s First Year Anniversary celebration. After eying the pours of the Draught Master’s signature Pilsner Urquell, which was served four different ways; Sweet, Slice, Creme Urquell and Neat, beer lovers congregated around the bar to experiment for themselves.

After quenching their thirst, patrons indulged their tastebuds with savory authentic Czech cuisine: beef tartar served on toasted crostini, warm ham and brioche shooters and duck with horseradish and potato served beautifully on a spoon. With satisfied stomachs, guests circled the room, admiring the decadent art engraved along Hospoda’s walls, and participated in an interactive trivia game where they answered 10 questions about Hospoda, the Czech Republic and it’s notorious beer pours.

Next, they were blind-folded and taken to the bar where they tested their knowledge as they taste-tested one of the four beer pours.  The task was to choose correctly which pour they gulped down. The contestant who answered all questions correctly and selected the right pour won a $150 gift certificate to the Czech restaurant. When the crowd cooled down their competitive juices, they filled their ears with native tunes. In Czech culture, there is a saying “Co Čech, to muzikant,” meaning “Every Czech is a musician.” On behalf of this motto, a local guitarist strummed traditional Czech music for the duration of the event.

Hospoda’s First Year Anniversary was toasted by owner, Vita Chase, with all guests saluting her and the Hospoda team. Cheers!

Neat (Cochtan)
Cream Urquell (Hladinka)
Slice (Snyt)
Sweet (Mliko)
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