Celebrate National Bourbon Day with Hudson Whiskey

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Hudson Whiskey - Little Old Fashioned

On June 14th, join bourbon lovers around the country to pay homage and raise a glass to the history of bourbon. For those looking to celebrate the occasion, Hudson Whiskies are the perfect option.

Since its creation in the 18th century, bourbon has remained a staple of American cocktail culture. As the first distillery to operate in New York since Prohibition and the first to produce bourbon, Hudson’s bourbons are truly unique in that they are handcrafted in Hudson Valley, NY.

For the experienced bourbon lover looking to savor the spirit’s rich flavors, consider a Hudson Four Grain Bourbon neat or on the rocks. No matter which you’d prefer, this is the perfect way to showcase the unique and bold flavors the Four Grain is known for.

For those looking to appreciate the Hudson’s innate mixability, what better way to pay tribute to this classic American spirit than with a classic cocktail? Made with Hudson Baby Bourbon, the Little Old Fashion is a simple, yet delicious option for those celebrating their favorite spirit.


1 parts Hudson Baby Bourbon

3 dashes bitters

1 tsp bar sugar

1 lemon peel

Stir, served chilled. Ice optional.


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