KOI Celebrates International Sushi Day in NY, LA, and Las Vegas

Picture 2

Sushi’s humble beginnings as a means of preserving raw fish in Southeast Asia eventually became the food of choice sold from street vendors throughout the continent before becoming the refined dish it is today. KOI is internationally known for perfecting this tradition and in celebration of International Sushi Day on June 18, KOI Los Angeles, KOI New York, and KOI Las Vegas¬†have added vibrant new dishes to their signature list for the holiday!

 KOI Los Angeles


Sunfire Roll, Koi Los Angeles
KOI Los Angeles


KOI New York (Bryant Park)


Tora Wasa Roll, Koi New York
Kobe Roll, Koi New York
KOI New York

KOI Las Vegas


Hot Himachi, Koi Las Vegas
KOI Las Vegas








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