World Famous Events Impresario, Barton G., Launches VAULT Magazine and Features His Herbal Cocktail Infusions

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Barton G. Weiss, the celebrity events designer, restauranteur, hotelier, and the man behind famed restaurant, Barton G. The Restaurant, and boutique hotel, The Villa (housed inside the former Versace Mansion on Miami’s Ocean Ave.) is back at it again with the launch of his new quarterly collectible magazine, Vault Magazine.

The magazine features fashion, party-going, celebrity, and as Barton knows a thing or two about – “the art of being social” in the Miami social scene. Additionally, it highlights Barton’s famed cocktails that are legendary in Miami and are known for their flavorful ingredients, size and display!

Check out two of his herbal cocktail infusions with accompanying bites that are featured in his debut magazine and offered at The Villa by Barton G.

VAULT Magazine by Barton G.


Herbal Cocktail Recipes

from Vault Magazine By Barton G.


 “Frozen Beet & Tequila Smoke”

What makes this drink distinctive is that it is served in two forms: one fluid, and the other as frozen ‘smoking clouds.’ A delicate balance of beet, horseradish, and tequila ensures the integrity of this superlative cocktail, while the methods of preparation and serving are unparalleled.” – Vault Magazine

How To Do It:

Cocktail: A reduction of fresh beet juice and port wine, seasoned with freshly grated horseradish. This is then spiked with tequila and a touch of brandy, set mildly with gelatin, and charged in an iSi canister (whipped-cream dispenser). The cocktail is then discharged into a bath of liquid nitrogen to freeze into mini boulders. The base of the cocktail (before the gelatin and nitrogen) is poured into the glass, and the frozen boulders are dropped in to serve.

Bite: A spherical beignet – crisp on the outside, creamy on the inside. Garnished with whipped horseradish, green olive and oregano flowers.


“Spiced Fresh Tomato Tipple”

“The clean, clear and spiced drink is inspired by the classic bloody mary, but served in the style of a cordial. It is ideal for brunch or lunch, and also perfect for an early-evening cocktail party. This aromatic, savory and unforgettable potion pairs perfectly with sharp cheeses and herbal canapés.”Vault Magazine

How to Do It:

Cocktail: Fresh heirloom tomatoes blended and steeped on a low flame with herbs and spices: star anise, fennel, black pepper, cinnamon, chili, garlic, and clove. Then bloomed with basil and a touch of cayenne, before being slowly strained through cheesecloth, leaving the bright-red fragrant tomato water behind. This is chilled, and shaken over ice with vodka and a dash of Pernod. The cocktail is slicked with sweet basil oil and spicy chili oils, so each sip will vary with sweetness and spice.

Bite: A petite perfect heirloom tomato, stuffed with Pernod-laced lobster rillettes and topped with sevruga caviar, sliced radish and a brioche bread crisp speckled with toasted celery seed and tarragon.

VAULT Magazine by Barton G.



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