Belve Music Lounge at Coachella

Picture 2
Haylie Duff, Belve Music Lounge

La Quinta, CA – Belvedere Vodka took over the Dupont Estate in La Quinta during the first week of the Coachella Music Festival. The Belve Music Lounge was set outside on three acres of landscape and surrounded by picturesque mountains. The lawn was decorated with branded day beds and lounge chairs where guests could relax and enjoy cocktails or enjoy a swim in the pool. Perfect spot to relax amidst the craziness of the festival.

On Friday, guests congregated to listen to back‐to‐back DJ sets while enjoying bespoke Belvedere cocktails including the Belve Teabreeze, Lemon Splash and Belve Beat. DJs D’Anconia, Andy Caldwell and Skeet Skeet preceded a performance by actress and singer Kat Graham. On Saturday, guests were invited to the lounge for more cocktails, enjoying tunes spun by DJ Dao‐Yi.

Celebrities, musicians and VIP guests who attended the Belve Music Lounge included Shenae Grimes, Haylie Duff, Joy Bryant, Bravo TV star Matt Nordgren, Crystal Method’s Scott Kirkland, Coachella performers GIRLS, DJ Paul Oakenfold, LA Riots, Perez Hilton, Theophilis London, Rye Rye, Skylar Grey, Simon Rex, Keilani Lai, New York socialite Brian Mazza and NHL players Shane O’Brien and Joffrey Lupul.

All weekend, guests stayed tipsy with Belvedere cocktails and were invited to receive SOL Republic headphones, new Reebok shoes and Motel Rocks clothing at the lounge’s gifting suites while enjoying the music and the best scenery that any lounge had to offer!

Belve Music Lounge
Belve Music Lounge
Matt Nordgren, Belve Music Lounge
Skylar Grey, Belve Music Lounge
Belve Music Lounge

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