Fergie’s BIG Birthday Celebration at 1Oak Nightclub in Vegas

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Las Vegas – TONIGHT, Fergie will be celebrating her BIG birthday celebration at 1Oak Nightclub in Vegas! As the newest spokeperson and investor of Voli Vodka, she has been making the rounds, sharing her love for the brand on Jimmy Kimmel and Rachael Ray throughout the week!

So tonight, Voli is throwing Fergie the birthday party of her dreams at 1Oak in Las Vegas.

Her birthday at 1Oak will feature the exclusive unveiling of a 6 Foot MAGNUM Limited edition bottle, created especially for her birthday! The bottled will be rolled out with sparklers, including tons of other bells and whistles- all of which will be caught on camera by an onsite video team! Check it out below!

This is how Fergie kicked off her birthday week!


Fergie appeared on the RACHAEL RAY show on Wednesday, March 28th, ,the day after her original birthday which is the 27th- to promote her low calorie vodka, VOLI! Fergie teamed up with Rachel Ray to show her how to make a few of her favorite Voli Vodka cocktails. Please find Fergie and Rachel Ray’s specialty creations below!  Also, check out this great footage of Fergie and Rachel: http://www.youtube.com/embed/B3XJHpGaOTE


The Voli Green Garden

Voli Green Garden

Bar tools needed: Boston shaker, measuring cup, strainer, pressure juicer, martini glass


– Voli Lyte

– Cut Green Pepper

– Lime Juice

– Handful of Basil

– Salt and pepper for the rim


Step 1: Take a handful of the green pepper and put into the shaker. Muddle the Green pepper.

***Add in a handful of basil to the muddled green pepper (tearing the bunch of basil in half. No need to further muddle)

Step 2: Add 2oz of Voli Lyte Vodkas

Step 3: Add 1oz Lime Juice

Step 4: Add 1 package of organic stevia

Step 5: Rim the Martini glass with Black Pepper and Salt mix

Step 6: Mix, shake and strain into the martini glass

Step 7: Pull a piece of basil from the bundle, smack the basil in your hand to release the oils and natural flavors and garnish the cocktail with Basil on top.

Approximately 100 Calories


J’Adore Cafe

J'Adore Cafe

Bar tools needed: Boston shaker, measuring cup, strainer, whip cream whipper, rocks glass


– Voli Espresso Vanilla

– 1 shot of Espresso

– Coffee beans

– Special Addition: Whip Cream Whipper


Step 1: Pour 1.5 oz of Voli Espresso Vanilla into the tin

Step 2: Add 1 Shot of Espresso

Step 3: Add 1 package of organic Stevia

Step 4: Add ice to the rocks glass

Step 5: Mix, shake and strain into the rocks glass

***leave space for the foam. Do not fill all the way up.

Approximately 100 calories

Step 6: And if you want something really special, Add the foam from the Whip Cream Whipper. You can get the whip cream whipper at many of the home goods stores.


– egg whites and chocolate Almond milk

– No Dairy and the egg whites are a great source for protein

6 Foot MAGNUM Limited Edition Bottle





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