Dysfunctional Friends Premiere with HPNOTIQ Harmonie Cocktails

Screen Shot 2012-02-04 at 11.05.51 AM
Terrell Owens, Dysfunctional Friends Premiere, Los Angeles

Los Angeles – On Wednesday night, February 1st the Dysfunctional Friends Premiere was the place to be! Terrell “T.O.” Owens, Meagan Good, Elise Neal, Draya Michele, and more came out for a night of AMAZING HPNOTIQ Harmonie cocktails. We also caught them sneaking snacks of scrumptious items from the HPNOTIQ Harmonie candy bar. This candy bar is definitely the best bar in town, including fresh basked lemon squares, candy pops, popcorn and more!

check out a pic of the candy bar by @JessicaPaigeLA @HPNOTIQ #Harmonie “munchies bar” at #DysfunctionalFriends premier #LA #movies http://lockerz.com/s/179854170

Guests at the premiere and after party enjoyed these signature HPNOTIQ Harmonie cocktails: ‘Bubbles and Berries,’  ‘Purple Rain,’ ‘Paloma Perfect,’ ‘The Blue Crush,’ and ‘Blue Breeze.’ (ingredients listed below…)

Meaghan Good, Dysfunctional Friends Premiere, Los Angeles
Draya Michele, Dysfunctional Friends Premiere, Los Angeles
Terrell Owens & Meagan Good, Dysfunctional Friends Premiere, Los Angeles

Now for the drinks! 


Bubbles and Berries 

Ingredients: Champagne (dry high carbonation level), and Harmonie

Description: A modern take Champagne cocktail

How To: shake Harmonie with ice (20 times) pour into champagne flute and top with cold Champagne (50/50 mix)

Glassware: served in a champagne flute


Purple Rain

Ingredients: 2 oz Harmonie, 1 oz club soda

Description: A refreshing cocktail

How To: shake Harmonie vigorously with ice (20 shakes), pour into glass, top with Harmonie

Glassware: plastic cup

Garnish: berries on top


Paloma Perfect 

Ingredients: 2 oz Harmonie, 1 oz Blanco Tequila, 2 oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, 2 lime wedges, Limonatta soda splash

Description: A sophisticated twist to a classic mexican cocktail

How To: In a large container (to be provided) add Fresh grapefruit juice, Blanco Tequila, and  fresh lime juice and Harmonie.  Shake and pour into a plastic cup over fresh ice.  Lime wedge, optional top with soda

Glassware: highball glass

Garnish: Lime wedge garnish


The Blue Crush

Ingredients: 2 oz Harmonie, .5 oz Vodka, 1.5 oz Lemonade, fresh blueberries and mint sprig

Description: Refreshing cocktail

How To: shake all ingredients in large container

Glassware: served in a plastic glass over ice with a few fresh blueberries and mint sprig

Garnish: see above

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