Gideon Origins Australia Launch in US

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Gideon Origins Australia have hit the United States

Business partners and brother duo Rupert and Matt Noffs have announced that Gideon Origins Australia shoes are now available in the US!

All of these carefully crafted shoes stand against sweatshop and unjust labor practices and are made from the finest materials that Australia has to offer. They are individually hand-stitched from cane toad hide, cow, or kangaroo leather. Depending on the leather, each shoe can be soft and supple from the kangaroo leather, or stronger and more durable from the cow leather. The range of men’s and women’s shoes that Gideon Origins offers are each individually stitched, bringing out the uniqueness of each pair.

After checking out these shoes, they are sure to impress sneaker-freakers and fashionistas, as the shoes are produced in an array of striking colors and styles. Each pair of sneakers is intricately designed and truly brings out a sense of craftsmanship, that allows you to match them to any style.

“We set out to create a fashionable shoe that really paves the way for ethical production and social responsibility,” said Rupert Noffs. “We’re excited to offer Gideon Origins Australia in America as we continue to spread our message and provide more people with hand-crafted and anti-sweatshop shoes they can wear with pride.” 

Gideon Origins Australia shoes can be purchased online at They will soon be available at select locations across the United States.

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