Sicario Tequila – Live Life with a Twist!


Life Life with a Twist

Would you look at those curves…nice, thin, and smooth, with its luscious presence…oh yeah, the girls are cute too, but who’s looking at them anyways. Pfff, the tequila has them beat.

For all you party people, you don’t have to wait much longer as the newest triple distilled tequila is set to hit the US market by the end of the summer. Get out the limes! Sicario Tequila is here.

As Claudia Sampedro, the beautiful Cuban model, is the new face of Sicario Tequila, the only direction that this tequila is headed in, is up! In addition to Sampedro, the other stunning models round out a label that is sure to make waves in the tequila industry. We’d drink with these girls any day. Just waiting for the invite…

Aside from the gorgeous models, the taste of Sicario lives up to its hype. Grown and harvested in the heart of Mexico from the finest quality, hand-selected, 100% blue agave plants, Sicario beats out the rest. With its smooth, rich taste, Sicario Tequila goes beyond the average tequila brands, that only distill twice, to give the consumer a triple distilled product that exceeds the quality of all the others.

Live Life with a Twist


‘See The Invisible…Do The Impossible’

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