R Lounge at two times square, Renaissance Hotel


“I LOVE NY”…It wouldn’t be a well-known phrase if it wasn’t true.

If you want to experience the love of Manhattan the way it is meant to be experienced; the way Franky and Liza, would want you to, then you go to the heart of the city that those singers never stopped singing about. Times Square that is. If your little town blues aren’t melting away yet, then you’re doing it all wrong. Do yourself a favor and head to R Lounge at two times square, the stylish escape at the Renaissance Hotel, in Times Square. You won’t be disappointed.

Of course, if you’re a newbie, we’ll forgive you if you head to the Statue of Liberty first, or take a stroll through Central Park, or shop on 5th Ave. It’s okay, really, we understand. This is New York, after all. But when you’ve had enough walking and you just need a cocktail, there is no better place to truly witness the hustle and bustle of the city from above, then from New York’s best-kept secret, R Lounge.

Situated right smack dab in the middle of Times Square, R Lounge offers breath-taking, panoramic views of Times Square from their wrap-around floor to ceiling windows. What could be better than sitting above Times Square, having a drink, witnessing the busy streets of midtown below, knowing that this is it. This is where it all happens; ‘the crossroads of the world.’ This is one of, if not THE busiest intersections of art and commerce in the world. This is where millions of people crowd to see the ball drop on New Years Eve. Where Broadway meets 42nd Street. Where we all know that if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere.

R Lounge is also a getaway favorite for celebrities including Bruno Mars, Minka Kelly, and Giuliana Rancic.

Now, onto the fun stuff that can make any night memorable, or maybe not so memorable. The cocktails.

Any day/night of the week, R Lounge offers their Pineapple Sage Caprihina, their Brazilian Cure, their Empire Apple, and many, many, more, but those are nothing compared to their new, summer cocktails that are available Friday through Sunday nights. This summer, you can bring back your childhood memories with ice cream truck themed cocktails. Exclusively at R Lounge, you can try their twists on classics like the Rocket Pop and Orange Creamsicle.

One second you’re gazing out the window onto the busy city below, and the next you’re going back in time to when life was a lot simpler. If only you could stay here forever.


Raspberry Lemon Ice 

Made with Absolut Raspberry vodka, muddled raspberry and lemons with lemon lime soda (strained over ice topped with a lemon twist).

Raspberry Lemon Ice, R Lounge, Renaissance Hotel Times Square

Rocket Pop

Made with Plymouth Gin, black cherry syrup and soda topped with fresh blueberries.

Rocket Pop, R Lounge, Renaissance Hotel Times Square


Made with Pinnacle Whip Cream vodka, and Omega-3 Créme juice (martini)

Creamsicle, R Lounge, Renaissance Hotel Times Square

If you’re craving something more chocolatey, they also offer Creamy Caribbean Rum Floats and a Summer Eclair cocktail. Mmm mmm.


                                                                            R Lounge at two times square

Two Times Square

 714 Seventh Avenue at W. 48th Street

 New York, New York 10036





















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