NOHO – The Hangover Defense!

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Are you tired? Groggy? Un-motivated? Can’t keep it together at work? Is this the result of having way too much fun last night?

Hangovers suck! and no job is going to provide enough sick days to supplement it. Have no fear, because ‘NOHO’ is here!  NOHO, “the drink BEFORE you drink,” is a new functional lifestyle beverage that prevents those damn feelings and effects associated with a hangover.

NOHO - The Hangover Defense

Ugh, remember that night you were drinking like a fish and had to get rushed to the hospital, then the doc had to prick you with that needle to hydrate you? No? Well lucky you, but that’s besides the point. This little baby is based on that same idea; like an IV drip given to hospital patients for treatment of dehydration and alcohol poisoning.

NOHO comes in a convenient 2-oz bottle containing ingredients that aid in breaking down the alcohol in our system.

Interestingly enough, NOHO doesn’t contain any sugar, caffeine, or stimulants. It is considered a vitamin supplement, formulated to fight against those dreaded hangovers.

How does NOHO work?  Simply drink it before (yes before!) partying to settle and prepare the body from becoming dehydrated, drained, and unbalanced from alcohol. NOHO loads you up with vitamins and minerals that your body uses to process the alcohol in your system. You cannot cure a hangover easily, but you can prevent one, and NOHO does the trick!

NOHO ‘The Hangover Defense’, has established itself as the leader in the anti-hangover/detox market and we look forward to seeing a lot more of NOHO in the future.

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