The Belmont

The Belmont


The Belmont

The Belmont Cafe, Restaurant, and Bar is the kind of place that you would drive right by and not think much of it. Nestled among various other bars, clubs, and restaurants on La Cienega, I’m tellin should not just drive by this place…you should stop.

As you enter you will walk through a dimly lit outdoor patio with tables throughout. Perfect for a quiet dinner for two or large groups depending on the night. On chilly nights, which are few and far between, the outdoor heaters turn on and the patio is covered to keep warm. On the remaining 360 days of the year, it’s an open air patio where you can sit and watch the busy street or any action going on across the street at Koi.

This place fills up fast on Sunday afternoons when NFL fans come and cheer on every other team but Los Angeles. I think someone in this city needs to get on that. Even under those circumstances, it is still a good time.

Belmont Cafe, Restaurant, and Bar

Inside, there are dinner tables and a full bar. To quickly mention one of their nightly specials; Monday nights they feature the ‘Big Bucket’ which consists of 3lbs. of sweet snow crab legs for $25. Probably the best deal in town for crab legs.The full bar offers “class drinks” as well as an extensive wine list. Two of their sweetest drinks, the ‘Belmont Breeze’ and the ‘Key Lime Martini’ are simply delicious, however, very very sweet, so be prepared.

The ‘Belmont Breeze‘ tastes like a ‘vacation in a glass’. Pick a beach..any beach..and you’re there. Svedka clementine, pineapple juice and grenadine, on the rocks, make up this tasty drink.

Belmont Breeze
Key Lime Martini

Another sweet one was the ‘Key Lime Martini‘ made with stoli vanilla, pineapple juice, lime juice, and cream. If you microwaved a key lime pie (I bet someone has, and if you haven’t then I suggest trying it), I can only assume that it would taste JUST like this. This creamy cocktail is one of the veryy sweet ones, so be ready.

Now onto the weekends…On Saturday and Sunday mornings between 10am and 4pm, make sure to try their ‘Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar’. Guests get to choose from a selection of over 50 kinds of vodkas, spices, juices, and olives. What else would you be doing on a weekend morning anyways. Sleeping is for the weak.

Since I have yet to experience the Bloody Mary Bar, you’ll know where to find me this weekend.


The Belmont, 747 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069


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